You Vs. Yourself – Mitzvah Garments, The Bridge To The Infinite.

An infinite distance exists between us and G-d. This gap can’t be bridged through our efforts. Even the deepest mind or the most powerful love can’t connect us truthfully to G-d. The only way to bond with G-d is through the performance of a Mitzvah in which he reaches across this infinite space to connect with us.

You Vs. Yourself – The Soul Gets Dressed

When we perform Mitzvos Our soul’s garb themselves in the three holy garments of thought speech and action. Particularly,  when we study Torah our mind is enveloped and garbed in a holy thought and in the performance of Mitzvos our emotions are wrapped in holy words or a holy action.

You Vs. Yourself – The Three Garments Of The Soul

The garments of each soul – thought, speech and action – are deeply integrated, but remain external components. A person’s intelligence or emotions cannot be disconnected or completely stopped, and cannot express themselves on their own. However, the garments of thought, speech and action are the tools, or vessels, which can convey the inner state of a person, and can be halted on demand. Each of the two souls has its own set of garments, and are drawn to activities which actualize that soul’s personality and desires.

You vs. Yourself – Daas, The Bridge From Mind To Heart.

When a person performs a proper meditation on the greatness of Hashem, he will be filled with a complete awe of G-d’s glory, and it humbles the person in a powerful way. Sometimes, after a meditation, one will erupt in a fiery love of G-d, a desire to break out of the constraints of one’s physical body and unite with G-d. In order for these effects to fully manifest within the person, he must fully apply his mental faculties to truly understand the greatness of G-d, and then contemplate on it, and identify with it.

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