You Vs. Yourself – Meditations Of The Soul

Exercising our spirituality is essential to the development of our G-dly soul. The first task is to stimulate our souls G-dly intellect, by striving to learn and understand Hashem and meditating on his relationship to the world. When done properly this will surely stimulate a powerful emotion towards G-d.

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You Vs. Yourself – Getting To Know The Personality Of Our Souls

Each of our two souls has an inner experience and an outer, expressive garment. There are ten essential powers or traits of the soul, categorized as intelligence or emotions, which define a personality. Our souls are derived from G-d, therefore these powers of the soul reflect the ‘divine personality’ with which G-d chooses to confine himself when relating to the creation.

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You Vs. Yourself – “Souls” some higher some lower

As souls descend through the divine realms into our physical world, some retain their supreme spirituality, others acquire layers of physicality that conceal the soul’s true desires. Most of us, born with these ‘covered’ souls, harbor a strong ego, which drives and influences our actions. The Tzaddikim, our leaders, are born with pure souls and live in constant awareness of G-d. They are channels of the divine, and when the Jewish people connect with their Tzaddikim, they are connected and elevated to much higher levels.

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You Vs. Yourself – A Piece Of G-d From Above

Our Neshama, the G-dly soul, is literally a piece of Hashem within each of us and we are all equally His children. As our souls develop and emerge from the spiritual worlds into the physical, our spiritual DNA begins to manifest into our different personalities.

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