Bechukosai – Eyleh HaChukim V’Hamishpatim

Three aspects in our connection to G-D. 1. A journey of the mind to explore and grasp higher manifestations of G-Dly light. 2. The innate Divine spark that is always present inside of us no matter how low we might fall enabling us to experience at all times true faith and climb out of the darkness 3. Reaching above and beyond the entire created order to the infinite light and channeling it down into this world accomplished through a Mitzvah.
The deeper meaning of the Divine rebuke those harsh curses aren’t meant G-D forbid for the Jewish people rather for the extraneous forces that separate us from our father in heaven.
A fascinating explanation on the story of Yitschak,s (Issac) blessings. Why did he want to bless his wicked son Esov (Esau) rather then his pious son Yakov (Jacob)?
Why do we have so many distracting thoughts during prayer? How to deal with them?