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You Vs. Yourself – A Piece Of G-d From Above

Our Neshama, the G-dly soul, is literally a piece of Hashem within each of us and we are all equally His children. As our souls develop and emerge from the spiritual worlds into the physical, our spiritual DNA begins to manifest into our different personalities.

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Shemos – Lehavin Mamar Razal Al Ha’Pasuk Ki Tovim Dodecha Mi’Yayin

Torah is compared to wine because like wine it reveals the secret. That is, a irrational love for G-d which is hidden at the core of every soul it can only be revealed when the wine – Torah and Mitzvos – enter. However the  blessing preceding the Mitzvah is higher then the Mitzvah itself, for it draws down an encompassing light upon the soul enabling the Mitzvah to be preformed.